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As SORTA/Metro prepares to bring BRT to the Greater Cincinnati region, it has been conducting a study to determine which two of the region's major transportation corridors will initially receive BRT service; more corridors may be added in the future to create a regional BRT network.

Four corridors were initially identified during the Reinventing Metro plan development process as possible alternatives for introducing BRT to our region: Glenway Avenue, Hamilton Avenue, Reading Road, and Montgomery Road. These corridors represent Metro's most popular transit routes, each of which carries more than one million riders a year.

A BRT bus in motion passing a BRT station


In January 2023, SORTA/Metro announced that the Hamilton Avenue and Reading Road corridors will be the two corridors to first receive BRT service. The Glenway and Montgomery Road corridors will receive service enhancements.

This determination was made based on the results of detailed technical analyses of each of the corridors conducted in 2022. These considered each corridor’s ability to:  

  • Attract riders and increase mode share

  • Improve transit speed and reliability

  • Enhance transportation network connectivity

  • Provide equitable access to frequent services

  • Support the installation and operation of BRT infrastructure (smart traffic signals, BRT stations, designated travel lanes, etc.)

  • Support economic development opportunities 

BRT Corridor Map.jpg

The process also considered current ridership and ridership potential, connections needed to rider destinations and/or other transit services, future land use opportunities, and local environmental, historic, and community issues.


The study included robust public engagement efforts which gathered community input through public meetings (both in-person and virtual), presentations to community councils, public surveys, pop-ups at local events, and meetings with local business and municipality leaders. Input received from the public was an important factor in determining which of the four corridors would be the first to receive BRT service.


Now that the initial corridors have been identified, the study is shifting its focus toward preparing an initial BRT operations plan, identifying stations locations, preparing conceptual BRT station designs, and refining initial ridership and cost estimates. The study will also be looking at which enhanced services are needed along the Glenway and Montgomery Road corridors.


Like the work already completed, this new phase of study will include robust community outreach and engagement. Your input is needed! For information about upcoming opportunities, visit our Participate page

The BRT Study is currently in progress and is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2023.




We recently hosted a virtual BRT Station Design workshop to get public input regarding proposed station locations - where they will be located and what they will look like - and possible community enhancement and development/redevelopment opportunities. Although the workshop is now closed to comments, you can still review the materials shared and feedback received by clicking here.






Glenway Avenue Corridor

Hamilton Avenue Corridor

Reading Road


Montgomery Road Corridor

BRTmap_CIncinnati_Both Corridors LEW.jpg
BRT Station Locations
Images of BRT vehicles and people walking onto a bus
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