As SORTA/Metro prepares to bring BRT to the Greater Cincinnati region, it is conducting a study to determine which two of the region's major transportation corridors will initially receive BRT service; more corridors may be added in the future to create a regional BRT network.

Four corridors were identified during the Reinventing Metro plan development process as possible alternatives for introducing BRT to our region: Glenway Avenue, Hamilton Avenue, Reading Road, and Montgomery Road. These corridors represent Metro's most heavily ridden fixed routes, and three of the four routes currently carry more than one million riders a year.

A BRT bus in motion passing a BRT station
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Over the course of the BRT Study, the project team will analyze each of these corridors in terms of their ability to:

  • Attract riders

  • Improve transit speed and reliability

  • Enhance transportation network connectivity

  • Provide equitable access

  • Support the installation and operation of BRT infrastructure (smart traffic signals, BRT stations, designated travel lanes, etc.)

  • Support economic development opportunities 


The results of this analysis will be used to identify which two corridors will be advanced for further study and preliminary system design. This process will consider users served, ridership potential, connections needed to rider destinations and/or other transit services, economic development and future land use opportunities, and local environmental, historic and community issues. It will also include the development of a comprehensive operations plan and an assessment of construction and operations costs.

Public input will be an important part of this process and opportunities for public participation will be held throughout the BRT Study process. To learn how you can get involved, please visit our Participate page


The BRT Study is currently in progress and is scheduled to be completed in Spring 2023. SORTA/Metro's goal is to launch BRT service in 2027.

Glenway Avenue Corridor

Hamilton Avenue Corridor

Reading Road


Montgomery Road Corridor

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