Images of Bus Rapid Transit stations and vehicles


Through Reinventing Metro, the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA) is bringing a bold, new transit innovation to Greater Cincinnati: Bus Rapid Transit or BRT. BRT will bring faster-than-ever service and significantly reduced travel times to the corridors it travels along.


Right now, SORTA/Metro is conducting a nine-month study to determine where to launch BRT service. Four potential corridors have been identified; two will be selected for initial service.

This website has been developed to provide you with information about BRT and how it can benefit both Metro users and the communities it travels through, as well as keep you up-to-date on BRT study progress and upcoming public input opportunities. Click the buttons below for more information.

Reinventing Metro

In May 2020, Hamilton County voters approved Issue 7 to provide additional funding for improved and expanded transit service and transit-related infrastructure throughout the county. With this boost, SORTA is bringing to life its Reinventing Metro plan and offering the Greater Cincinnati region exciting new transit services like Bus Rapid Transit that will better connect our community to jobs, education, health care, and entertainment, while also helping grow our regional economy.

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