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Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, is a high-quality, bus-based travel option that combines the fast and efficient characteristics of rail transit with the flexibility of traditional bus service. BRT will bring a faster-than-ever public transportation option to Metro riders.


BRT uses frequent service, limited stops, smart traffic signals, dedicated bus lanes (where possible), and streamlined boarding and exiting processes to significantly reduce travel times and provide riders with convenient and reliable service. 


Metro’s BRT service will be introduced along two major travel corridors in the Greater Cincinnati region; more corridors may be added in the future.


People waiting at a station for a Bus Rapid Transit bus in Indianapolis


BRT will elevate our local public transportation system to the next level. Through streamlined access and travel, BRT will help passengers to get to their jobs and other destinations more quickly, comfortably, and reliably. And by reducing greenhouse gas and local air pollutant emissions, BRT offers an environmentally sustainable alternative for local travel.


BRT is also a proven driver of economic growth. As demonstrated in other cities with BRT systems, BRT corridors attract revitalization, new development, new jobs, retail, and affordable housing.


BRT buses and stations are universally accessible. By providing same-level entry between platforms and buses, BRT systems can easily accommodate wheelchairs, mobility scooters, bicycles, strollers, and other similar means of personal travel.


BRT has a number of features that make the travel experience different from and significantly faster than traditional bus service. These include:

  • Frequent and convenient service (every 10 to 15 minutes) along major travel corridors, plus late night and weekend service

  • Limited stops, typically spaced a half mile apart

  • Smart traffic signals and dedicated travel lanes that work together to prioritize BRT progress

  • Attractive, clean, and comfortable buses and stations with Wi-Fi and charging ports

  • Real-time display boards that show when the next bus is due

  • Bigger buses with more room

  • Boarding and exiting through any door

  • Fully-accessible stations and buses that allow same-level entry into the vehicle; no need for lifts, ramps, or steps

  • Paid-in-advance fares which streamline boarding and reduce wait times


An articulated BRT bus parked behind an arrival time display board
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